Early Math Matters

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About the centre

EMM, a sister company of the well-established Neuromath Academy, is a premier Mathematics and Cognitive Development Enrichment Centre providing quality Preschool Math Enrichment Programmes to learners from the age of 3-6 years old. We believe Preschool children are able to grasp highly complex Mathematical concepts if introduced through purposeful play. By strengthening your child’s Math fundamentals in a fun way at the very beginning, we instil a passion and love for Mathematics that will stay with them.

Our Preschool Math enrichment programmes are designed to maximise your child’s Math potential, equipping them with the fundamentals and skills they need to understand and solve complex Mathematical problems beyond Primary 1. Our educators have years of experience in early childhood education and preschool Math enrichment as well as specialisation in the area of the Cognitive Development of children. They are fully trained on EMM’s proprietary pedagogy. Above all, they have extraordinary levels of patience, enthusiasm, creativity, and, most importantly, a love of early childhood education.


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