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About the centre

Like you, we understand the limitations of formal school, and want more for our kids aged 7 to 12. We know their future will demand beyond academic excellence, a deep sense of creativity and problem-solving competencies. We want our kids to not only achieve in grades, but equally in character and life skills. Yet at the same time, we also hope to see them do well in school.


Two spacious classrooms (max of 8 students each), with partial glass walls for ease of parent observation. Wrap-around whiteboard walls to unleash your child's expressiveness, and for open collaboration in class.

Educational Corners:
Display Shelf for Student Creations
A place for students to proudly showcase their handmade creations, and exercise their ability to present and explain such works to their parents and other visitors.

Aquarium/Indoor Farm
This corner is a living exhibit of various natural and science concepts, such as filtration system, stages of plant growth, etc. Students will be able to carefully observe, feel and examine the academic theories in real life, thus deepening their passion and understanding.

Fully stocked with variety of craft materials and equipment to enable imaginative creations. Your child would be progressively exposed to simple tools such as hot glue guns, child-safe cutters, pliers, and hand drills.

Dedicated Carpark and Drive-through Drop-off/Pick-up:
Dedicated carpark beside the centre allows you to conveniently drop-off/pick-up your child, or just park and explore the surrounding cafes and eateries.

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