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About the centre

The Little Executive (TLE) is a mainstream enrichment centre with a team of professional education specialists catering to normal and bright children to help them get the most out of school, tuition and enrichment lessons.

Using a holistic assessment known as The Executive Assessment (TEA), each child will have a TEA score to customise their learning and zoom in on areas which need to be strengthened. At TLE, the focus is on developing a child’s Executive Function skills, which is a highly necessary foundation for school and for life.

Their curriculum builds upon Stanford University’s research methodology of developing the right mindset, which is known as the Growth Mindset. They aim to equip each child with a positive attitude towards life and learning. Each Little Executive who passes through their doors will be empowered to build resilience, drive, grit and fulfilment as he or she steps out and grows from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond.

Beth has improved in so many areas since coming to TLE, and is less impulsive, more careful in her daily work, and keeps trying even when she fails. Best of all, she loves coming for weekly classes and I’m sure she doesn’t know how much she is learning while having fun. - Dr. Marina Teh.


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