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About the centre

The Little Things is founded by Emily Yeo (ex-preschool educator and mommy) and Valerie Lee (passionate home-cook and foodie) – a pair of college friends who came together to open up a whole new world of cooking and baking with children! That was when the idea of The Little Things was first born – a novel concept intended to develop Self-Savvy™ individuals.

We realized that cooking, baking and working with their hands in the kitchen is something that many of our children lack today, and we endeavour to change that. We seek to bring more children into the kitchen, to explore the world of food, ingredients and getting their hands dirty… and of course, to savour the fruit of their labour! While whipping up their feasts, children pick up the most crucial of skills – language, numeracy, science, problem-solving, working in teams and much, much more.

Along with our trained facilitators, children take on a real kitchen, complete with real tasks.

At The Little Things, children take on a variety of experiences and challenges such as meal-planning, food preparation (from the market to the table!), food cultures, etiquette, home-science experiments, home-crafts, presentations, and even the occasional team project for the community.

The Little Things aims to cultivate intangible and essential life skills such as independence, decision making, team work, spatial awareness, resourcefulness and a thirst for knowledge – through an experiential journey with food. We want to create a cohesive learning environment where your little ones can learn about the little things in life, in a familiar environment, designed after the home.

It is all part of being Self-Savvy!


We have a child friendly kitchen and kitchen tools that could fit a child's hands.

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