Holiday Programs for my 3 year old

The year-end holidays are here! How time flies, it seems like it was only yesterday when my ‘three-nager’ started his first day in school!

What are my plans for my 3 year old this year-end holidays? As a stay-at-home-working-mum (SAHWM) – school holidays doesn’t mean I can stop work completely – just that I have the option to plan my days such that I spend MORE time with Master Three-nager whilst he’s home.

So – after pondering for a really really long time (there are so many options!) – here’s my final decision.

(PS: Note that all classes are non-sponsored and are paid from my own pockets, and in no way should represent any form of endorsement for the selected centres and/or programs. I made these choices as a mum with finite finances and timing resources and who passionately believes that every child deserves a childhood.)

😉 Mandarin Fundamentals with Hua Language Centre

Hua Language Centre

Duration : 1 week, 2 hours per day

Fee : $192.60

To me – Chinese is not an easy subject to grasp, lest master. Yes, I can read, write and speak (of some standard at least) but I reckon given we speak mainly English at home and even whilst I try to read at least one Chinese book to him per day – it’s better to include Chinese enrichment as part of my boy’s (rather spartan) enrichment calendar next year. His teachers at school also provided feedback that my boy replies in English when the teacher speaks to him in Mandarin *faint*

Hua is the Chinese school located nearest to our place and parenting friends gave me good reviews. I signed up for their holiday program and if all is good – I’ll sign him up for a term class in 2017!

🎨 Little Masters Holiday Workshop with Heart Studio

Heart Studio

Duration : 2 hours 45 minutes

Fee : $75

My 3 year old shows an interest in drawing, painting and doodling. To make sure he really wanted to attend this workshop – I did a mini experiment whereby I showed him the different paintings at Heart Studio and asked him which one he prefers – repeated on THREE separate days. The same answer was given, “I want to draw Dory, draw Nemo”. So off to the Little Masters Holiday Program we go!

I’m now thinking if I should sign up for another holiday workshop. Just so that it makes the best-ever Christmas gift for the grandparents – A painting from your grandson!

Why Heart Studio – All parents we talked to, gave Heart Studio a thumb up! Personally, I also appreciate that Heart Studio supports children with special needs so they get my support too!

🛍 Magical Christmas in Mandarin (by Sparkanauts) with Trehaus


Duration : 2pm to 530pm (3 sessions)

Fee : $100

This was a last minute addition! It started with a conversation with a friend whom we haven’t met in the last 4 years and we decided to send our kiddos to this holiday program at Trehaus whilst we catch up over coffee and perhaps squeeze in a little Christmas shopping as well.

It also helps that Sparkanauts comes very well recommended by fellow mums and I was too late in signing up for their centre’s holiday program (it was sold out within a week?) so I’m glad my boy will get some Sparkanauts time this year-end holidays!

🖐 Hi-5 Fairytale!


My boy absolutely loves Hi-5. When he saw me prepping the materials for Hi-5 to promote on Today Got Class, he kept saying “I want to go I want to go.. L-O-V-E”.  To be honest, I did think the ticket prices were a tad bit expensive but since Today Got Class parents get 20% off – Ok, that’s some savings and let’s say Hi-5 for me and my little man!

PS : Today Got Class is giving away a pair of FREE tickets to Hi-5 Fairytale – simply sign up for an account to qualify. Double your chances of winning when you book a class! 

So that’s my holiday program planning for Master Three-nager this year-end holidays – all #nonsponsored. What else are we up to? I’m thinking of USS (need to fully utilize my 6 month pass which expires in December), Cool De Sac (he loved it the last time we were there), Tanjong Beach and Botanic Gardens with my dog (if the weather holds) and spring-cleaning for CNY!

If you have yet to book a holiday program – Don’t fret – Check out Today Got Class’ ultimate guide to holiday enrichment classes and there are good deals available right at your fingertips at!


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