Top Picks for Kids’ Enrichment

Hands up if you ever felt lost trying to navigate the maze of kids’ enrichment classes in the market!

We know, we did! (We admit, it got a lot easier when we started Today Got Class. Simply because we had the face-to-face interaction with the shortlisted educators and we had our team of parents and the both of us to provide quality recommendations!)    

So, we polled our fellow parents and here are the top 15 picks for kids enrichment – as chosen by parents, on Today Got Class.

Just one of the ways we help to simplify parenthood. And we hope you find this list useful. Plus, you also get to enjoy exclusive discounts if you book by 2 Jan 2017.

And yes, we would love to hear from you if you have any additional recommendations or thoughts! Drop us a note at

👉 Best Enrichment Classes in Singapore 

Note : 

As parents, we completely understand that many factors play a part in choosing an enrichment program for your child – Location, Price, Curriculum, Timing, Age, Child’s personality…  are just but a few factors parents would consider.

No two children are the same – What is recommended above serves as a guide and may or may not be suitable for your child. You may wish to check out for many more quality programs – there are over 1000 classes and 120 centres available! As parents ourselves, we only list quality classes and trusted educators on Today Got Class.

We hope Today Got Class has helped to simplify parenthood by making it easier for you to browse and book for enrichment classes – anytime, anywhere and at the best deal!


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Lydia and Jaclyn are the Chief Mums of Today Got Class. As mothers of 3 young sons aged 5, 8 and 10 years respectively, we believe that enrichment classes are necessary for our children to pick up complementary skills to help them hone their learning and development capabilities. "Learn to play, play to learn" is our parenting motto.

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