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Juzmusic Academy is a well-established music school since 2006 and offers a wide range of early childhood programs to suit all ages: Junior Discovery (0 to 4 years), Junior Playtime (2.5 years above), Junior Musician (4 years above, students are able to learn both the piano and violin). Students then proceed to individual instrument learning in various instruments.

Juzmusic Academy is proud to have been voted by TheAsianParents as one of the “Best Piano School in Singapore” and by TallyPress as #1 in “Singapore’s top 10 Music Schools.”, Focus Singapore as one of “Singapore’s top 10 music schools”.

🎒 : For 6 months and above.

🏠 : Tanglin Mall | Parkway | One KM

👉 : Tanglin MallParkway | One KM

From TGC Daddy & Blogger Milton Goh & Wife

1 year old Baby Maeleth attended Juzmusic’s Junior Discovery (4 classes) 

“I love that this portal is run by parents, for parents… As a first-time parent, #todaygotclass has played an important role in baby Maeleth’s early childhood education”

From Lydia & Jaclyn, Today Got Class – “Thank you thank you thank you. We are extremely honored to have helped. What makes us even happier (and really proud of what we do!), is to see our TGC little learner Mae making vast improvements with every lesson. As parents ourselves, we firmly believe that enrichment is not about enabling ‘smart-ness’ and is never, never about that ‘one-off class’… It’s quality enrichment when kids truly enjoy the classes and it’s only with a series of classes that we (parents) can make a proper judgement call.”      

First lesson at Juzmusic:

“The teachers were enthusiastic, friendly, encouraging, and because of that, Mae from being very cautious at the beginning of the class, became more open to them by the end of the class, and she was even willing to hold something offered to her by them (that rarely happens with strangers!). These teachers are experienced when it comes to working with children and that gives parents like us a peace of mind!”

Second lesson at Juzmusic : 

“Maeleth seemed to be opening up more to the teachers (Ms Low and Ms Alyssa), and developing a stronger bond of trust with them. Mae even received the mallets that were passed to her by the teachers and used the mallets to strike the xylophone correctly! She also interacted with Ms Alyssa during the book-reading segment, opening all the flaps of the book curiously, revealing the animals hiding inside 😄”

Third lesson at Juzmusic : 

“With every class, we see Mae improving in her social interaction skills, and in this class, we saw a huge breakthrough – Mae allowed one of the music teachers, Ms Alyssa, to carry her and cuddle her! 👍👏”

Fourth lesson at Juzmusic : 

“These classes are great opportunities for Mae to develop her social interaction skills as she is mostly at home without any peers to interact with. •
We are happy with Mae’s progress in class. With every single class, there is visible improvement! 👍👍👍”

Juzmusic Juzmusic

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