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At HUA Language Centre, it does not matter if you already have a foundation in Chinese or not, Hua’s quest is to transform your entire perspective of the language and approach to mastering it, with patience and passion.

The secret is simple yet profound. We seek to understand our students’ learning barriers, thereby removing their fears and subsequently cultivate genuine interest in the language. Hua encourages their teachers to inject their unique style and creativity to their classes to make learning fun and lively.

More than emphasising scholastic achievements, Hua helps students enjoy using Chinese in their everyday lives.

🎒 : For 1.5 to 12 years old 

🏠 : Causeway Point (Woodlands) or Greenwich V (Seletar) or United Square (Central)

👉 : Causeway Point | Greenwich V | United Square

From TGC Mummy of a 3 year old (and Co-Founder of Today Got Class) – Jaclyn

 “Mummy, let’s go for 华文课 tomorrow ok?” – that’s what my 3 year old told me DAILY for the last 3 weeks, since his holiday program at Hua Language Centre ended early December.

It may not be spoken in perfect Mandarin, but I was happy that Master Three-nager showed interest and most importantly, started speaking Mandarin since he attended his first ever Chinese Holiday Camp at Hua Language Centre! On this note, thank goodness for “Dr Google” who can provide mum with instant English-Chinese translation as my boy has started to ask “what is <fill in the blank> in Chinese” – which the Chinese teacher commented it is a good sign as it is a good way for him to build his vocabulary.

As a mum – what is important to me is that my son enjoys and looks forward to attending enrichment classes (Yes, there are some classes that he absolutely refuse to attend and no, I do not force). It also helps that fellow parents have recommended Hua as an ideal environment to inculcate interest for the language as the environment is not stressful and Chinese is learnt in a fun and engaging manner. It is also important to me that the centre understands parenting – Master Three-nager was supposed to attend Week 1 of the holiday program but he fell ill and had 5 days MC the day before Week 1 started. I was prepared to forfeit the fees paid ( 💸💸 💸 ) given holiday programs have no make-up policy, but to my surprise – Hua told me Master Three-nager could attend Week 2 instead. I am extremely appreciative and I think this is an important point to highlight because this is a centre with a heart who understands kids do fall ill and parents should in no way, be ‘forced’ to send their kids to lessons with runny  noses and phlegmy coughs just to ‘save’ on that class fee.

As a co-founder of Today Got Class – It’s double the joy, double the achievement when what I do not only helps other parents, but also helps my own kid too.

And yes, since Master Three-nager has been asking for Chinese classes daily and has never ceased to remind me of “华文课” everytime we pass by or head to that mall – guess what we will be signing him up in 2017?

Update [July 2017] Yes, I signed Master Three-nager for the N2 Preschool Mandarin Fundamentals which started January 2017. It’s been 6 months – read here on what happens in class and my thoughts after 6 months of Chinese enrichment!  >> Click here

Hua Language Centre Causeway Point | Hua Language Centre Greenwich V | Hua Language Centre United Square

Very Important Note : This is a non-sponsored post. I did my own research and paid for the fees out of my own pocket.


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  • Hua Language Centre June 28, 2017 02.53 am

    Thank you Jaclyn for this lovely review! It’s a joy to have your little one with us! He’s such a fast leaner and such a sweetheart. Thank you for entrusting him to us for Chinese classes! Cheers!

  • Review : Hua Language Centre (Term Class) – Today Got Class
    July 2, 2017 - 4:01 am

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