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In heART Studio, children will be able to explore various kinds of medium and learn new things each week. heART Studio believes in cultivating children with Art so we can nurture their creativity.

The program enhances progressive thinking and preparing children from Nursery to Primary School, including appropriate activities uniquely designed to engage and inspire them and to cultivate their creativity thus learning technical art skills, at the same time closes the gap so that no child will be left behind. heART Studio believes in providing quality Arts education for all our students to gain mastery in making art, to nurture their creative potential and to cultivate a community of artists and art lovers of all ages.

🎒 : From 3 years  

🏠 : Charlton Lane

👉 : Heart Studio

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From TGC Mummy Debbie

“Gabriel’s 1st masterpiece done at heART Studio. He totally enjoyed it. The teacher was fantastic and engaging. His classmate Ikai joined him today too! And we had 2 excited boys with paintings of their very own robots! Thank you Jaclyn from Today Got Class for this fantastic recommendation. Gabriel was so happy at his lil achievement and we are so proud of him! Seeing that the boys enjoyed themselves so much, Ikai’s mom, Biru and I signed them up for a 2nd class 😀”


From TGC Mummy Eileen

“All thanx to Jaclyn’s good recommendation… and from this website: Today Got Class – Elysha had fun painting her Xmas Dory. And yeah I think she had heaps of help from her teacher but think the most important thing is she had fun… Initially, she was apprehensive when I said I had to go off and leaving her alone… and when I came back quietly halfway… she was doing the jump around dance… lol.

Thank you teacher JJ from Heart Studio. It was a fun session.”


Today Got Class Heart Studio


From TGC Mummy Jaclyn 

“Jaclyn & Lydia has definitely put together quality enrichment classes for busy parents like myself. Was looking for holiday classes for my kids 4.5yo and 2.5yo – and upon recommendation by TGC, they enjoyed painting Christmas trees at heART Studio today! Definitely looking forward to their magical Christmas chinese class next week by Trehaus!”


Today Got Class Heart Studio

From TGC Mummy (and Co-Founder of Today Got Class) – Jaclyn

“Heart Studio was well recommended by fellow parents and even mummy bloggers we met gave a big thumbs up. For the first time ever, my boy stepped into the class without tears and said bye bye to me! He had so much fun painting Dory  that I signed him for 2 more holiday sessions. Will definitely consider Heart Studio as the place for him to learn art.”

Very Important Note : This is a non-sponsored post. I did my own research and paid for the fees out of my own pocket.

[TGC Exclusive Deal] Enjoy 4 trial classes at $230 – only available when you book with Today Got Class! Click here to book. 

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