Our Plans for the March Holidays : Me & my ‘three-nager’

So far – 2017 has been insanely busy. To be honest, I feel that I have somewhat neglected this ‘three-nager’ of mine across the last 2 months.

My plan for the March school holidays was to spend more time with him yet ensuring I have some time to do what I need to do.

Having looked at the multitude of choices available, I decided what worked best would be the ad-hoc programs – it gives me the time needed to complete required tasks and with the flexibility to bring my boy to the zoo, beach, USS as and when.

So – here’s my plan for the March holidays!


☺️️ 11 March : “Goodnight Spaceman” Storytime + Sensory Play with Tickle Your Senses

Duration : 90 minutes

Works for me : I’m taking this 90 minutes to complete any outstanding for the week and set my ‘out of office’. It also helps that I booked with 2 other friends and received an additional $5 discount!

Works for him : My ‘three-nager’ absolutely enjoyed the last “choo choo train” workshop with Tinkle Your Senses. In fact, he still plays with the sensory kit from that last session! This time round, he gets to learn about rockets and space filled with music and movement, story telling, and a chance to craft with child-safe materials – what’s not to like!

Find out more : Tickle Your Senses 

TGC Exclusive Deal : $5 discount when you book for 2 or 3 kids (for “Goodnight Spaceman”). Use promo code TGCTYS.

NEW! Explore The World of Eric Carle as Tickle Your Senses roll out 45 minutes workshops at Mothercare Harbourfront from 16 to 18 March. 

TGC Exclusive Deal : $5 discount when you book for 4 kids (for the workshops held at Mothercare Harbourfront). Use promo code TGCTYS. 


☺️️ 14 March : “Little Masters Workshop” with Heart Studio 

Duration : 180 minutes

Works for me : Time for mums to take a break! I’ve booked this session together with 3 good friends and whilst our kids are off customizing their names with Safari names, we’re going for a long-overdue tea gossip break!

Works for him : My ‘three-nager’ enjoyed the last 3 holiday programs with Heart Studio in December and to date, is extremely proud he “drew Dory”. Given I haven’t signed him for regular art classes, I’m hoping that these ad hoc holiday programs would give him an early exposure to the Arts.

PLUS : Heart Studio uses the proceeds from these holiday programs to support kids with special needs. Personally, I’m a supporter of this cause and this is just my mini way to support.

Find out more : Heart Studio 

TGC Exclusive Deal : 5% discount when you book 3 kids for one session or for 3 sessions. Email hello@todaygotclass.com if you wish to enjoy the discount. 


☺️️ 16 March : “Disney On Ice”

Works for him : My ‘three-nager’ is a big fan of Mickey Mouse – “Mischa Muscha Mickey Mouse” anyone?  Ever since he saw the flyers promoting the show, he has been nagging at me to bring him!

This kiddo was also the one who gave me the inspiration to kickstart a discussion with the event organizer on a possible collaboration.

If you have not bought your tickets – Hurry! 8 March is the last day for Today Got Class parents to enjoy 15% off Cat 1 tickets or 10% off Cat 2 tickets – You can book for any quantity of tickets and use any credit card! 

Note : To redeem this offer – please use the promo code which sent to your registered email address


☺️️ What Else?

These are our plans so far. But, if I happen to have a last minute meeting in the morning – I’ll definitely drop my boy off at Trehaus Holiday Camps – which are flexibly offered at 1 or 3 or 5 days! Plus, one can choose between Yoga & Art with Canvass or Kung Fu with Chi Life as the optional activity.

Find out more : Trehaus

TGC Exclusive Deal : $10 off for Trehaus’ 1 or 3 or 5 days holiday camps. Use Promo Code : TGCTREHAUS. 


Find out more : Today Got Class

#all the above mentioned are non-sponsored and it’s based on my personal review and objectives. I funded for the lessons out of my own pocket. 

For more savings on the March Holidays – check out TGC Ultimate Guide to the March Holidays

We’ve categorized the holiday programs by Age and highlighted where you will enjoy TGC Exclusive Deals! Yes, you do get to save up to $70 by booking with Today Got Class! It’s our way of simplifying parenthood

We do hope you will find our guide useful.



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