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Tickle Your Senses are the Sensory Specialists, composed of just two mothers who are educators at heart. The aim is to help your child have fun learning with the best tools that they have – their senses!

Storytime with Tickle Your Senses combines sensory play with well-loved picture books. As educators, Tickle Your Senses want children to see it, hear it and feel it. Books, imagination and language come alive in these multi-sensory workshops for preschoolers. Tickle Your Senses teach literacy through play!

Join Tickle Your Senses in allowing our children to explore the world of sensory play, the real world of childhood.

🎒 : For 2 to 6 years old 

🏠 : Various locations

👉 : Tickle Your Senses

From TGC Mummy of a 3 year old (and Co-Founder of Today Got Class) – Jaclyn

Having attended two workshops with Tickle Your Senses – It reinforces my belief that the workshops conducted by the team is definitely THE “learn and play” session with Music, Art, English literacy, Dance, Sensory play and most importantly, IMAGINATION!”

In less than 5 minutes, tears to attention (and warming up to the teacher!)

Whilst he started out in tears (it’s his nature – he’s just super ‘sticky’ whenever he’s dropped off at somewhere ‘new’) – I am super impressed that the team at Tickle Your Senses was able to calm him down in less than 10 minutes  (Felicia and Chiao Chyi are truly mothers who are educators at heart). For this second workshop – my boy did his own sensory bottle and he was so pleased with his creation telling us how he mixed the liquid in a bowl, added the stars, pasted the sticker – that bottle couldn’t even leave his sight for 2 minutes!

The minute we got home, he took out the premium hand-made playdough and started reiterating what he did during the workshop – shaping rockets and telling various stories of spaceman and rockets (and pizza – his favorite food). What amazed me, it’s been 2 days since the workshop ended and he has added on rocket ship to his own version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

“On Saturday, he had one piece of chocolate cake, one ice cream cone, … one slice of watermelon and he zoom zoom zoom into the rocketship.”

Focusing on building a rocketship

As a parent who strongly feels that imagination is the child’s best learning toy – I’m truly glad to have discovered Tickle Your Senses.

As a co-founder of Today Got Class who firmly firmly believes in “learn and play” – I’m’ honored to be working alongside quality educators who shares a similar vision.

#this workshop was paid out of my own pockets. 


TGC Little Learners having fun!

TGC Little Learner focusing on decorating his clay!


TGC_Playdough fun

“Spaceman wants to have pizza for dinner ok?”



“Mummy, the spaceman had too much pizza and he wants to sleep now. Rocket zoom zoom zoom around, and ran out of petrol.”

From TGC Mummies Michelle and Suzanne

“We want another session!”


More Tickle Your Senses Storytime + Sensory Play workshops are now up on!


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