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Abrakadoodle is all about creativity for kids. Founded in 2002, Abrakadoodle has delivered the very best in visual arts classes for kids, summer art camps, holiday art camps, art parties and art events to more than one-million children in schools, community sites and Abrakadoodle art studios for kids around the world!

🎒 : For 20 months to 12 years old 

🏠 : Bukit Timah (Serene Centre), Jurong (Lakepoint Condominium)

👉 : Abrakadoodle Bukit Timah | Abrakadoodle Jurong

From TGC Mummy of 3.5 years old and Co-founder of Today Got Class – Jaclyn

“Look Mummy – I painted a fish!”  🐟

My three-nager was invited by Abrakadoodle to attend their art class – it was good EXPOSURE for him as well as for me. For him, because this was the first time he attended a structured art class (previously, he only attended one-off art holiday programs). And good exposure for me because I get to know what actually happens in art classes these days and to consider if art should be an enrichment I should sign him up for.

As expected, he went in with trepidation [Calling out to all other mums of 3.5 years old – Is my boy the only one who’s so wary of new places?].

Despite his ‘fear’, I knew he was curious about the class as he went to find a seat and followed the actions of Teacher Sarah when they started the class with the song.

I was personally surprised that the class started with the ‘welcome song’. I think it is great to get the kiddos settled with a familiar refrain – and it is definitely ‘welcoming’ for newbies. 🎵

After the welcome song, Teacher Sarah explained today’s syllabus. And I almost fell off the chair

I was expecting the conventional art syllabus – Paint a cartoon character or an apple or a face with dual colors [During my time, I remembered my art classes was about coloring half the face a shade darker than the other half!].

The topic was on Morrisseau – from Canada.

The painting of the day was also an abstract piece introduced and inspired by “the Picasso of the North” [I learnt this during the class].  As a parent with limited knowledge of art [I honestly didn’t know who Morrisseau was], I personally gave a thumbs up to Abrakaoodle to introduce the HISTORY, CULTURE and TECHNIQUES of Art.👍

Shortly after the welcome song – I left the classroom. The boy cried but off I went. I was thankful that Principal Charmaine asked if I would prefer to start my three-nager with the parent-accompanied class instead. I declined because I know – if he enjoys the class – he will cry for the first 5 minutes and he will be ok after.

Lo and behold – I was right. Because 30 minutes later – he needed to use the washroom. After that, he sauntered confidently back into the classroom without as much of a backward glance. 

The last 10 minutes of the class was spent with the parents, with each kid having to give a short presentation of their work and what they learnt. Now, this was the part I was most most most SURPRISED with

The moment I walked in – he held my hand and said so proudly “Look Mummy, I painted a fish”
#somuchfortheearliertears 😏

Teacher Sarah was aware of his ‘shy-ness’ and invited the other regulars to do their presentations first. When his turn was called, I expected him to remain glued to his seat (as this was the case for another enrichment centre he attended for an entire year in 2016) – However…

My boy GAMELY WALKED to the front, TALKED about this piece when prompted by the teacher and even ANSWERED her questions correctly!
#proudmamamoment 🤞

“My fish is named Happi and my fish is going to the supermarket. 
I learnt about Morriseau from Canada today.”
#happiisthenameofourdog 😍

In summary, what I personally liked about Abrakadoodle :

  • 🎨 Curriculum – With topics such as Morrisseau from Canada – yes it is ‘cheem’ but it is good exposure. I am all in for enrichment that exposes my boy to knowledge and practicum beyond the conventional academia.
  • 🎨 Art as an expression (not a rigor) – With drawings inspired by the artist, this brings the lesson to life. And it’s learning that art comes in different forms, not just drawing a perfect apple.  
  • 🎨 The ability to inspire confidence in my three-nager and his work – I still can’t quite believe my three-nager presented his art piece in front of the class – and this was his first class too! 

Plus, whilst my boy was in class – I had a great chat with the Principal Charmaine. As a parent and a co-founder of Today Got Class – I personally feel it is very important to know the face behind the centre.

Charmaine loves Art and she has fond memories of how weekly art lessons enriched her throughout her childhood and teenage years.  From personal observations, Charmaine and the teachers have excellent rapport with the kids as well as parents, and they always have the kids’ interests in mind. 

On that day – between Charmaine, myself and another parent – we had a good chat about parenting toddlers these days too [hey parent, you can consider sending your number 2 to the drop off class – just square the shoulders and leave without looking back!].  

Would I consider signing him for a term class? Yes, if the centres were located nearer to me [Proximity is an important factor]! Sob sob – Calling out to the Abrakadoodle folks – Consider the other parts of Singapore? 😉

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Abrakadoodle will be introducing the kids art programmes through Partner Centres such as My Gym @Tampines, My Gym@Marine Parade and My Gym@City Square Mall! Stay tuned to Today Got Class to find out more.


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