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The Little Executive teaches what schools can’t. We don’t just teach and hope your child gets it. Instead, we assess every child’s Learning DNA via The Executive Assessment (TEA) and customise a personalised strategy to super-boost their learning in school. The results? Sharper thinkers, creative problem-solvers, clear communicators and children willing to take on any challenge.

Welcome to the Little Executive. Where learning is redefined and futures, re-imagined.

🎒 : For 3 to 8 years old 

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👉 : The Little Executive

From TGC Mummy of 3.5 years old and Co-founder of Today Got Class – Jaclyn



Ah yes, this little blue bobo bear has been  my three-nager’s ‘companion’ ever since he attended the trial class at The Little Executive two weeks ago. At meals, to the playground, and to bed!

Which brings to my mind what was mentioned during the parent orientation session – “Every child is given a bear which he/she has to bring to class. This teaches them responsibility and to learn to care of their own belongings at home”.

So yay to my boy’s enthusiasm in making sure bobo bear is safe at home!



As the co-founder of Today Got Class, I first met The Little Executive 6 months ago and I was blown away by their methodology and passion.

The two co-founders of The Little Executive are Michelle T. and Michelle C. – Michelle T. is a professional speech therapist who founded Leapfrog in 2002 and Michelle C. is an experienced educator plus a mum of 6 (yes, 6 kids). And Teacher Jim Faherty who used to teach at The Keys Academy. By the way, they are all parents 😊

But, I found it challenging to understand what this centre does – it isn’t as straightforward as Art or Music or Chinese! Hence, the invite for my boy to experience the class whilst mum attends a parent orientation session conducted personally by Michelle C.

My personal perspective after attending Saturday’s session –

The Little Executive is about inculcating the skills, knowledge and mindset – to guide our little learners how to think appropriately, resilience and confidence. It’s character building – responsibility, perseverance, sharp focus, leadership – plus a love-to-learn attitude with a never-say-die mindset.

Positive character traits of great men – which I personally hope my boy will have – hopefully all, if not some!



My boy attended Little Explorers and this class was conducted by Teacher Michelle T.

As usual, he started the class with tears and refused to let me out of sight! I sat in for the first 10 minutes and for the first time ever – I didn’t have to do a ‘should I or should I not run away now’ – Thanks to Teacher Michelle for recognizing the signs of him easing into the class and signaled me to leave instead!

In the first 10 minutes –

  • Each child was guided to sit properly, hands on lap and to look at the Teacher for instructions.
  • When Teacher Michelle took out a toy xylophone, each child was guided to look at her for instructions instead of grabbing for the stick.

I was impressed!

Simply because – isn’t this how we would prefer our child to behave when they are in a social setting – calmly rooted, no drama, no fuss!

Did my boy enjoy the class? You bet he did! He came out running and proudly showed me his executive paper. It’s yet another tool the centre uses for character building. According to Teacher Michelle, the older kids will write their weekly goal (and it could be any goal – from “make the bed daily” to “practise piano daily”) – and parents are encouraged to respect the goal.

The Little Executive



The 1:1 parent orientation session was conducted currently whilst my attended the class, was an eye opener. As a mum, I finally understood what The Little Executive is really about and how this enrichment benefits my kiddo.

 Here are my key take-outs :

  • Every activity has a purpose in developing the core learning skills which the child needs to support him academically. It’s play disguised to learn and serious fun!
  • It’s non-traditional learning – And as with such learning, transformation in the child will only show over time but just like no two children are the same – results may show up quite quickly for some kids. Less itchy backside, confidence, more effective memory and cognitive processing (Understanding versus 死背), teamwork, growth mindset.
  • It’s nurturing the child and parenting the parent – from an educator’s perspective.

To be honest, it is really difficult to explain this session. You have to hear it from the horse’s mouth!

The Little Executive - Parent Session



The Little Executive has recently launched TEA – The Executive Assessment. I admit, I was wary when I first heard of it because…

  • I don’t want to pigeon-hole my 3.5 year old into a scorecard
  • What if it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy!
  • Huh? An assessment at this age?

But – after the 1:1 chat with Teacher Michelle (Note: This discussion happens between Teacher and Parent, whilst the kids are having fun elsewhere) – I realized TEA isn’t an assessment but more of an understanding of my boy – from a professional educator’s perspective.

For my three-nager – his TEA score didn’t surprise me. What surprised me was when Teacher Michelle observed that “he scores well on attention span but only for an average of 30 minutes before he drifts off. But, because he is still able to sit quietly – mainstream teachers may think he is paying attention but he isn’t processing cognitively.” Now, this was something I never thought about because his school teachers remarked that he was very “乖” and “attentive in class”. There were also additional observations made by Teacher Michelle which she supported with specific examples that were observed during the class.

Personally – I found these observations useful because it came from a professional educator.

It made me reflect on my own parenting skills and how I could improve.

Hmm – It does take a village to raise a child, doesn’t it?

 The Little Executive - TEA


The Little Executive would be a useful enrichment for my boy. I like that the centre focuses on learn and play, works hard at nurturing each child and engages alongside with parents. Whilst it  does not teach mainstream content, their lessons support mainstream curriculum and goes deeper into the roots of real learning and besides,  to me – character building is more important than top scores.



A big thank you to The Little Executive for partnering with Today Got Class on exclusive offers for TGC parents 🙂


For little learners N2 to P2.

Available on 8 July and 22 July.

👉 Book : The Little Executive Experience 


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