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At HUA Language Centre, it does not matter if you already have a foundation in Chinese or not, Hua’s quest is to transform your entire perspective of the language and approach to mastering it, with patience and passion.

The secret is simple yet profound. We seek to understand our students’ learning barriers, thereby removing their fears and subsequently cultivate genuine interest in the language. Hua encourages their teachers to inject their unique style and creativity to their classes to make learning fun and lively.

More than emphasising scholastic achievements, Hua helps students enjoy using Chinese in their everyday lives.

🎒 : For 1.5 to 12 years old 

🏠 : Causeway Point (Woodlands) or Greenwich V (Seletar) or United Square (Central)

👉 : Causeway Point | Greenwich V | United Square

From TGC Mummy of a 3 year old (soon to be 4 year old) and Co-Founder of Today Got Class – Jaclyn


This is my second review of Hua Language Centre – The first was for the holiday program (it was the first ever Mandarin holiday program he attended too!) my three-nager attended in December 2016 – Click here if you would like to read about it! This second review reflects my thoughts after he has attended 2 terms of the N2 Preschool Chinese Language Foundation classes (he is currently on his third terms!).

Note: All classes are non-sponsored and paid out of my own pockets. Experiences and feedback expressed are my personal opinions.

Why did I start my boy on Chinese enrichment at 3 years old? 

Truth to be told – my own parenting plan was that I’ll send my boy for ‘academic’ programs only from K1 or K2 onwards.

So why did I start him at Hua? At the end of the N1 academic year – the teacher at his school mentioned that improvements could be made for his made for his grasp of Mother Tongue and suggested we speak more Mandarin at home. This, was a major reflection of my ‘grand plans’ of raising my firstborn to be effectively bilingual #oops. Whilst I tried to make it a point to expose my boy to more Mandarin at home – it was easier said than done as our family and our extended families converse only in English (my own dad never studied Chinese!).

Given the teacher’s feedback – I decided to give Hua a try with the holiday programs first. I was extremely impressed with the way the centre genuinely cares for their students. And yay – Master Three-nager enjoyed the holiday programs so much that he kept asking “are we going for Chinese class” every time we went to that mall or pass the mall – for 3 whole weeks! Since he was so in love with “Chinese class” – how could I dampen his enthusiasm (plus, I had to find ways to improve his Mandarin)!

In January 2017 – my little man started with the N2 Preschool Chinese Language Foundation classes. To date – he looks forward to his weekly classes! In fact, when the centre was closed for term break during the recent June holidays, he kept asking “why no Chinese class” #seriously!!!


1. “我喜欢张老师” 😊

  • My boy is taught by Teacher Zhang – a native Chinese. Aside from the energy and exuberance in having to deal with 8 pre-schoolers (which I observed during the parent sit-in session) – What I was most impressed with, was how she managed my super-shy three-nager most recently when he had a ‘shy-ness attack’ (he missed 6 weeks of classes due to term break and a personal vacation). She gently patted him at his chest telling him “不要害怕”, slowly wrapped her arms around him and said “老师抱你好吗?” – and this was how Master three-nager with eyes brimming in tears, let go for my hand and went inside the classroom.
  • When it comes to dealing with parents – At the end of every class across the last 2 terms, I personally noticed that Teacher Zhang patiently answered every parent’s question – no rush whatsoever.

As a parent – I feel that the teacher is the most important. A teacher who loves kids, a teacher who is passionate, a teacher who has a bottomless pit of patience (dealing with both parents and kids). Plus, my personal pet peeve is when teachers scoot off after the class before you can even say “bye”! 

2. Singing, dancing, what’s in the mystery box, letter identification – it’s #learnandplay

  • Parents were invited to a 30 minutes sit-in session at the end of Term 2. I saw with my very own eyes why Master Three-nager loves “Chinese class”! Chinese classes at Hua are #learnandplay! I won’t delve into much details since my 20 minutes of sitting in may not be representative of what actually goes on during the class. But I’m extremely happy to see my boy participating actively in every class – See pictures below #extremelyproudmamamoment

[Note : Some of these pictures were taken at the 20 minutes parent sit-in session. Note that the pre-school programs are drop-off classes.]


1. The 家environment

  • My three-nager attends the classes at Greenwich V. And I must say, once you step into the door – you feel like you are in a familiar home, part of a family. The nice front-desk marketing managers greet every kid by name (I’m honestly amazed at their memory skills).

Wearing dual hats as a parent foremost and as a co-founder of Today Got Class – I truly appreciate that when a centre embodies the Asian values of “home” and the “warm welcome-ness” because these are the values I personally would like my child to learn and be ingrained with. #饮水思源

2. Hua understands flexibility when it comes to parenting

  • At Hua – Make-up class is allowed as long as it is within the week and/or at the other branches if there are no availability at the brand you attend (of course your child must have fully recovered, plus some other conditions!).

Personally, I feel this policy should be implemented across all pre-school enrichment centres because – the last thing parents would want is for their child to be in close proximity with a sick child with greenish snot!  

  • My personal experience was that Hua rescheduled the holiday program for my boy when he fell ill the week he was supposed to attend the program. Another personal story that showcased the centre’s understanding was when Hua agreed for my boy to attend a make-up class the next day because he was unable to attend his regular time-slot due to a school performance.

Note : As parents, we also should play our part and not abuse such kindness. As long as everyone is on the same page, everyone wins.

3. Master Three-nager is starting to build his affinity with Chinese

In the last 6 months – Master Three-nager’s grasp of Chinese has definitely improved. And the N2 teacher at his school also commented so in the last parent-teacher meeting #bigsmiles

  • He has grown more confident in speaking in Mandarin

We can now have a full conversation in Mandarin –  ie I speak in Mandarin and he replies in Mandarin [whereas previously he would reply in English]. At the playground, I hear him conversing with his friends in Mandarin [whereas previously he would only speak in English].

  • Comprehends and writes better

At the end of Semester 1, his N2 teacher commented that he has shown visible improvements in “hearing likeness and differences in sounds” (the nuances of the Chinese language) as well as “writing characters”. #yay

  • He has finally shown a genuine interest in Chinese books

It’s now TWO Chinese books in our nightly reading booklist (From zero to two in 6 months #doubleyay). And my personal belief is that, reading always helps.

Don’t get me wrong. By no means it is an immediate improvement. It was a process of gradual improvements starting with “爸爸晚安”, “妈妈晚安” to “桌子晚安”, “长颈鹿晚安”, “大卡车晚安”, from “我的家” to “我的家在这里”, from “妈妈 I want to 睡觉” to “妈妈我想睡觉”.

Whilst I did my own diligence by speaking more Mandarin at home plus his increased interest in reading Chinese books also helped – I feel that Hua Language Centre has played, and will continue to play an integral role in getting my boy to love and enjoy the Chinese language.


I would gladly recommend Hua Language Centre – as a parent, as a co-founder of Today Got Class

In a nutshell, I feel that Hua is an enrichment centre with a heart – everything from the environment to the teachers to the operational staff focuses on professionalism, trust, reliability and a peace of mind that every parent and child deserves.

As a parent, I have recommended and will continue to recommend Hua Language Centre to my personal network of fellow parents.

As a co-founder of Today Got Class, I couldn’t be more glad to have met the faces behind Hua Language Centre and to form a partnership with them.

It is definitely double the joy, double the achievement when what you do professionally, helps your own child personally too.

🎊 Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy review – And I hope it gives you some good insights!

If you would like to give Hua Language Centre a try, I am happy to announce that Today Got Class has 2 exclusive offers with Hua! 

  • 50% off Trial Class – For N2 to P6 (Available at all branches)
  • 2 Mandarin Playgroup Trial Classes at $60 (UP $80) – For 18 months to 3 years (Available at United Square only)

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