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The Little Things is founded by Emily Yeo (ex-preschool educator and new mommy) and Valerie Lee (passionate home-cook and foodie) – a pair of college friends who came together to open up a whole new world of cooking and baking with children! That was when the idea of The Little Things was first born – a novel concept intended to develop Self-Savvy™ individuals.

Along with trained facilitators, children at The Little Things take on a real kitchen, complete with real tasks. In our weekly programmes, children take on a variety of experiences and challenges such as meal-planning, food preparation (from the market to the table!), food cultures, etiquette, home-science experiments, home-crafts, presentations, and even the occasional team project for the community.

🎒 : For 4 to 12 years 

🏠 : Thomson Road

👉 : The Little Things

From TGC Mummy of a 3 year old (soon to be 4 year old) and Co-Founder of Today Got Class – Jaclyn


The #mumguilt – when my little fella told me unexpectedly on Thursday night “Mummy always so busy”, followed by “Mummy, want to go out with me”. That was when I realized that in the last 2 months, I have become the “physically-present-but-mentally-not-present” parent who was constantly hammering away at the laptop or on the phone 😐 [Ps : I am amazed how perceptive a child can be, and using the right words to bring reality to you]

So there and then, I decided to put everything aside and plan a fun Sun-Date with my little man!



#non-sponsored – mum paid for the class out of her own pockets

TGC at The Little Things

That’s us bonding over our puffs!

Since we have been reading “Pizza Party” during the week and with B has been playing masak masak with his play dough – I thought it will be fun for the both of us to do some REAL cooking. And by grace – The Little Things had a ‘Unicorn Cream Puff’ parent and child cooking session that weekend.

The session was fun fun fun ultra fun! At the start of the class, I could tell how proud B was to be able to complete tasks such as getting the ingredients, scooping the flour, reading out the numbers on the scale, and cracking the eggs.

And he got to do things that he normally does not get a chance to do at home! He was so happy that he was able to ‘fry’ for real (instead of just masak), whisking (that was his first time using the whisk) and pouring the mixture into the bag. And he had hordes of fun brushing the butter and piping the mixture! [Note: we don’t have an oven at home so we don’t bake!]

Most importantly, it was an awesome mom&son time – me stirring the mixture and him adding in spoonfuls of the beaten egg, followed by us shaping the dough, then checking out the creation we made – and my boy even fed me! #awesomefeelingever

The little chef at work!



  1. Instructions were easy to understand – I am a noob in the kitchen so if Jac can get it, so can anyone.
  2. The focus is on the process, not the outcome. It is not about how ‘insta-worthy’ our puffs looked but the teacher made sure we understood what we needed to do and how to do it properly, step by step. And she even encouraged B when he decided to shape his dough, his way!
  3. The teacher was patient. She did not create a fuss when our fellow classmates spilled milk and when B was too aggressive in beating the egg with the mixture flying out of the bowl!
  4. All equipment was child friendly and catered to kids. Even the whisks were extra small.
  5. Quality Quality Quality ingredients. From the butter to the milk – they were the premium brands.
  6. It is an activity we are not able to fully replicate at home as we do not have an oven and our stove is a burner stove so I am wary of letting ‘mr itchy fingers’ in our very small kitchen at home. But hmm, now I know I can get him involved in tasks such as beating eggs when we cook his favorite omelette (omit the mess hopefully).

The little chef having fun!

My only grouse,  I thought $65 for cream puffs was a tad bit expensive.

Would I go back again! Ah yes, but perhaps not for cream puffs – a full cake would be more worth the price I suppose?

Here’s us having fun over our ‘insta-worthy’ puffs 🙂

Check out our puffs! Omm nom nommm….

Mum&son made these puffs! Insta-worthy? 🙂


  1. Checked out the National Gallery

If you haven’t been – You have to go! It was my first time to the National Gallery and I was floored by the amount of activities for the little kids #howiclocked10000stepsthatday

  1. Popped over to The Playfair

It’s a parent-owned business that supports local mumpreneurs, retailing quality wear, learn and play activities and child safe fixtures. B played quietly whilst I chatted with the owners and he browsed for books too before leaving with his current favorite Horrosaurus.

  1. Playground and zoomoov-ed with Paw Patrol (twice)


Our date ended with a sweet voice telling me “mummy, thank you for today” #proudmamamoment

PS: This piece was written at 3am whilst my boy was asleep. And yes, I’m practising on regular ‘time-out’ from the laptop and the phone whilst having the ‘time-in’ with my lil’ man! 

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