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MAKE is an all-new enrichment centre focused on developing creative problem-solving competencies in kids aged 7 to 12. MAKE has an interesting approach: they offer one integrated program that combined both Math and Science subjects. Alternating between REFRESH and MAKE each week, their unique programs get kids to develop habits of applying what they learn in theory, into the creation of physical and interactive objects.

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From TGC Co-Founder & Mummy of 7 years old + 9 years old – Lydia

It’s the start of the new school term and exams are looming. While I totally, utterly failed in my big plans for intensive study during the Sep holidays (elder boy Ethan needed to catch up on studies having been away from school for 1 whole month), I’m pretty glad they managed to catch up with their cousins (not once but TWICE) during the one-week break and also spent quality time at home with family.

The highlight of their September holidays was attending a trial class at MAKE where the kids actually had fun learning STEM concepts! This trial session was specially arranged by the co-founders at MAKE, Chee Wee and Jun Hui, just for TGC parents. Big Thank You to Chee Wee and Jun Hui!

What I like about MAKE is the interesting and refreshing approach they offer – Focus on knowledge application (rather than knowledge acquisition) and creative problem-solving. I’m a firm believer that building resilience and problem-solving skills in our children would benefit them in the longer term and prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Thus, MAKE’s philosophy really resonated with me as this is a program that not only focuses on character building, but also reinforces concepts that are learnt in school.

Not knowing what to expect from the class, the boys and their cousin Aly were pretty excited and looking forward to the class.

One of the rare occasions that the kids were first to arrive for lessons – Here’s a picture of them fooling around before lesson starts.

Aly took one look at the lesson materials and declares that “I hate Science”.

As the rest of the children streamed in, the children were split into 2 groups –

  • 9 to 10-year olds were ushered for Science lessons
  • While the 6 to 8-year olds gathered for Math.

The class for the older children started off looking pretty intense as Teacher Chee Wee introduced himself and the topics that would be covered during the session.

Over at the other room, the younger children were looking pretty relaxed. Such a stark contrast.

As the children in this class are mostly 6-year olds, Teacher Jun Hui customised the session to focus on numbers within 10. The group proceeded to complete their worksheets filled with fun number games and puzzles. Being the eldest in the group, I observed younger boy Ryan taking pride in his work and confidently showing off his number bonds and math concepts in class.

While the usual number equations may be boring for some children, MAKE infuses variety by using puzzles and cartoons in their worksheets. After reinforcing their academic knowledge, the younger group proceeded to design and create their individual math jigsaw puzzle.

Using the numbers derived from their jigsaw puzzles, the children placed stickers on a chart to uncover the mystery word – TGC!

Next door, the older group was busy learning about the different types of materials and their properties. The children were engaged in a series of fun activities to reinforce their understanding of the concepts before embarking on their big project. For example, the children had to identify objects in 2 mystery boxes by using their sense of touch and the materials used to make them.

In the next segment, the children had to recall the different properties of materials they experimented earlier to create a mini umbrella.

Teacher Chee Wee started off this segment by reminding the children of the O.A.T.S mindset – Observe, Ask, Try and Share and that failures are okay!

Ethan was intrigued that a piece of paper could be made waterproof simply by rubbing it with candle wax. It was something that he didn’t learn from school – that properties of materials could be changed.

Here’s a picture of the cousins with their masterpiece! Their mini umbrellas may not be perfect, but they were really proud of their little work. Hopefully Aly “hates” Science a little lesser now.

While chatting with the other mums after class, they were rather surprised that the regular classes offered by MAKE follows a similar approach where experimental learning is incorporated in the regular curriculum. One mum felt that such an approach would stimulate interest in learning and motivate the child to apply theoretical concepts to new creations.

As Ethan sums it all up – “If only Science class in school is like this”.


From TGC Mummy of 6 years old + 10 years old

The kids attended an interesting 2 hrs REFRESH+MAKE trial class where classes for the K2s ran concurrently with their older P4 siblings’. With all the familiar faces around, it seemed like a learn through play gathering for the kids.

The older kids focused on types of different materials and compared the samples by observing the properties – flexibility, waterproof and buoyant, thus reinforcing these concepts to their project in the next segment where they created a mini umbrella. They had to recall the assortment of materials they experimented earlier to decide which is more appropriate for the different parts of an umbrella. Missy was amazed how a piece of plain paper can be made waterproof simply by rubbing it with candle. Such everyday knowledge probably didn’t cross her mind that properties of materials can be changed. They had big fun spraying water on their diy waterproof brollies and at one another’s faces of course…

For the K2 class, they revised math sums through interactive worksheets and self-guided activities. Finishing it with a game of strategy, where their basic understanding of math principles was tested.

MAKE is definitely a one-of-a-kind enrichment centre which helps to reinforce daily academic learning with creative solutions.





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