Ask The Experts Workshop #2 : Preparing for Primary 1

On 18 November – Today Got Class held our second parent workshop, focusing on the big transition between K2 and P1.
(More info here on the first workshop focusing on Chinese for Preschoolers)

For this workshop, we invited key players in the education and parenting communities. They are,

At this workshop, we covered topics from parents’ expectations, bullying, allowance, as well as helping our child to manage failure.  Like our first workshop, parents shared their concerns and gained useful insights in return. We hope to see everyone at our next workshop!

*Hugs*, Lydia & Jaclyn – Co-Founders | Today Got Class


  1. Support the teachers.
  2. Build a positive learning attitude prevents a ‘shutdown’ mentality.
  3. Find a positive association with the school your child is entering (whether the school is your preferred choice or otherwise).
  4. The power of visualization – Tell your child how fun school was for you which in turn, helps your child visualize how school will be for him / her.
  5. Every child must learn to read, swim and cycle.
  6. When it comes to bullying, tell yourself that “it is not your fight, but it is your child’s fight”. It is more important to listen to your child and provide tips to manage the situation.
  7. Put away the phone and make time to listen to your child.
  8. It is not easy to teach our own child (“When we teach our own kid, our blood boil faster”) – Seek external help if needed. There is nothing ‘shameful’ in getting additional enrichment or tuition.
  9. Every child must learn to read before entering Primary 1.
  10. Make time for play. Play helps to build executive functioning skills.


Save now on P1 Prep Camps

Fee : $522 (UP $580) / Extra $5 savings when you use promo code TGCHOLIDAYS
Duration : 27 to 29 Nov, 9am to 530pm
Book : P1 Here I Come

Get your little one all set for the BIG transition with this practical hands-on camp. Learn to be organised by following a daily schedule and packing your own school bag (without forgetting anything!) Take on responsibility by being the class monitor, handling your own money and running a tuck shop stall. Learn to make smart choices so that mummy doesn’t have to any more!

HUA – Chinese Headstart Program for P1
Fee : $385.20 (UP $428) for 2 weeks OR $192.60 (UP $218) for 1 week / Extra $5 savings when you use promo code TGCHOLIDAYS
Duration : 27 Nov to 8 Dec, 10am to 12noon (Choose 2 weeks or either 1 week)
Book : 2 weeks | 1 week 

Curriculum includes,

  • Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音
  • Conversation 口语练习
  • Character Structure 部首识字
  • Fun with Characters 趣味汉子

Fee : $304.20 (UP $338) / Extra $5 savings when you use promo code TGCHOLIDAYS
Duration : 4 Dec to 8 Dec, 930am to 1230pm
Book : I Am A Creator

What’s in it for my child?

  • Increases their confidence in the Chinese Language
  • Enhances their Chinese comprehension and oratorical skills
  • Get them started on creative thinking and writing in Mandarin

THE EDUCATION ADVOCATES – P1 English / Math Workshops
Fee : $75
Duration : 23 Nov, 30 Nov or 7 Dec : 330pm to 530pm
Book : 23 Nov | 30 Nov | 7 Dec

THE EDUCATION ADVOCATES –  A fun and engaging programme aimed to give your child their first exposure to Primary School English and Math. Gain exposure to components of English Language in Primary school through stories, hands on exercises and games. Students will also get to learn mathematical concepts through pictures and games that will engage visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners.

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