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BazGym Gymnastics is an established school specializing in Gymnastics and Preschool Programs. We have gymnastics programmes for children starting from 3 years old, which is the critical period in which children develop their coordination and agility. Our programmes are specially designed to suit our students’ age and ability.

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From TGC Mummy of a 3 years old  – Samantha

Arissa was so excited to attend her first gym class at Bazgym. Prior to the trial class, I showed her pictures and videos of other gymnastic kids doing their stunts. She wowed at them and even tried a few of the poses.

Sunday came and she was a little overwhelmed when she saw the gym at Bazgym’s entrance and started to cry a little. I went in and spoke to trainers , if they could let Arissa head in first to just look around so as to give her some time to warm up to the place. And they said “Sure! Go ahead!”

Welcome to BazGym! (Photo courtesy of mum)

​So we went in and I was amazed by the place, how spacious and well equipped it was. It was my first time in such a gym setting as I have only seen these equipment / settings on screen. Images of Arissa doing floor work, swinging on the bars and balancing on the beam dawned in a shiny leotard, a neat bun and glittery make up came to my mind. I was excited!

Wow! (Photo courtesy of mum)

​At this time, Arissa was happily bouncing away on the trampoline. And then the trainers came and started the class. Everyone was led to an open area, and they started with some stretching. Though it was only a trial class for Arissa, but the trainers taught her like she was part of the class, no details were spared!

Stretch-Stretch-Stretch (Photo courtesy of mum)

After that, they went on to do some simple obstacle courses, the trainers were all very encouraging despite Arissa being scared to try this and that. Encouraging but they also knew when to let the child go if they are really not comfortable with trying it. I think this is good, so the child does not get a phobia of gym class.

Pep Talk by the teacher (Photo courtesy of mum)

Balance Balance Balanced! (Photo courtesy of mum)

​So the class went on with several different activities for an hour, not forgetting water breaks in between too (that is very important because I really could see how much Arissa perspired!). I forgot to pack Arissa’s water bottle that day and the trainer went to get a cup of water specially for Arissa.

What a workout! (Photo courtesy of mum)

Look, I can do it too! (Photo courtesy of mum)

After an hour, the class ended. The children lined up and were given a sticker as a reward for completing the class. This was one of the part I liked, not because of the sticker. But when it was Arissa’s turn to get her sticker, she took the sticker from the trainer and just mumbled thank you without looking at the trainer at all. She is very shy, it takes her some time to open up to new people.

The trainer made it a point that Arissa looked at her and say thank you. Not only they are training them physically but also these small little actions does play a part in building up their confidence level and self esteem. We have been to other classes before and usually the teacher/trainer will just brush it off if the child does not make eye contact.

So that’s the first time for Arissa at a gym trial class! For now, we think she is not too ready yet, because she cannot focus and follow instructions very well as compared to the others in the class, she barely turned 3. But we are looking forward to wait another year or so before we let her try again! Definitely will go back to Bazgym because it has left a great impression in us. In the meantime, we are going to work on her stamina!

Thank you Today Got Class for recommending BazGym!

We’ll be back! (Photo courtesy of mum)

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