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The Heguru programme has been studied and developed by Mr Hirotada Henmi and Mrs Ruiko Henmi for over 30 years. At Heguru City Square Mall, we are committed to nurture the potential abilities of our children by developing their right brain to its maximum.The goal of the HEGL education is for children to acquire “9 Fundamental Abilities” through a “2-level Step-up Skills” before formal education begins.

We place strong emphasis in propelling their interests towards learning as early as possible while fostering sincerity and strengthening of family bonds, giving them a treasure of knowledge they can cherish for rest of their lives.

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Note from Today Got Class : This review was shared by Li Mei – mum of 2 toddlers Charlotte and Charles. With her permission, we have published her letter below. Thank you Li Mei for writing in and sharing your thoughts of Heguru City Square Mall. 

Hi Lydia & Jaclyn

As a mum – I have always valued right brain training and recognised that its especially crucial for the little ones to undergo right brain training as early as possible, between age 0-3. At first, I was skeptical about Heguru training because of the high cost, unavailability of a trial session for me to get first hand experience before signing up and had concerns over the quality since the reviews online were mainly sponsored post by blogger mummies.  Eventually, I signed up with another school which conducts right brain training but at a much cheaper rate for my elder child, Charles, after attending their free trial session. I was told that in comparison with Heguru, there are much more similarities than difference. I was convinced in the absence of experience with Heguru.

2 months ago – I enrolled my younger child, Charlotte (9 months old then) with Heguru at City Square Mall – Thanks to the National Day promotion going on at your portal ( After attending just one session, I was totally blown away by the quality Heguru training offers and now, I feel fully justified for the fees that I am paying at Heguru. They are definitely worth the price difference as compared to the other school. To be honest, I felt guilty of wasting a year of Charles’ time at the other school.

I did not want to delay further, I terminated Charles classes at the other school and enrolled him to Heguru at City Square Mall, to start as soon as possible.

Picture courtesy of mum

Here’s Charlotte enjoying herself during the class at Heguru City Square Mall!

Now – I am  thankful that both Charles and Charlotte enjoy the (incredibly fast pace) class and it always felt that every session was a fruitful one hour spent in class. Charles is a lot more participative, probably because of his age. I am glad that both of them are able to focus and are interested with the activities most of the time. I heard stories of how some who were unable to focus throughout and parents choose to give up after some time because it felt like money was wasted.

I was worried at first about the pace of the class but was assured that young children can process information at a much faster speed than adults and they are learning more than what we think they are learning.

Now that we are in our second term, both of them are doing well and are still very engaged by Teacher Janice. I consider myself lucky to be under Teacher Janice because I heard of varying standards of teacher in other Heguru outlets. I strongly believe that the quality of teacher is key to their learning experience.

Picture courtesy of mum

Here’s Charles engaging with the teachers at Heguru City Square Mall!

My kids at Heguru City Square Mall – Both Charles and Charlotte (both below age of 3) are super attentive when it comes to activities that involves songs. Chinese and English songs are sang in class, Japanese “alphabets” too! General knowledge such as The Human Body or Atmospheric layers are also taught in songs! In particular, i thought the kids also enjoyed the activity whereby the teachers will act out a story which will help trigger their visualisation skills or imaginative mind.

Personally, I am amazed by the speed of the flashcards segment. It happens very fast, much faster than I imagined it. Only well-trained teachers will be able to master that.

Of all activities, I thought that the tangram, link memory cards and peg memory cards activities will be very useful in terms of boosting their memory, creativity and problem-solving skills.

I also appreciate the debrief sessions for parents at the end of each class where the teacher will recap the activities done with some suggested activities to be conducted at home to re-emphasise the training in class. From time to time, teacher will also provide feedback on the child’s progress which is “customised” in a sense.

My thoughts as a parent – I am aware that I will not get to “reap the fruits of my labour” in just a term or a year. However, I am confident that the training will be beneficial for both Charles and Charlotte in the long run as long as they continue to stay motivated and positive towards Heguru. I look forward to see how they progress along the Heguru journey!

Thank you Today Got Class for recommending Heguru at City Square Mall! It felt like I have discovered the best enrichment class for my children (:

Best regards,
Li Mei, Mum of Charlotte and Charles

Picture courtesy of mum

Here are my two kids at Heguru City Square Mall – Thanks Today Got Class for the recommendation!

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