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Thank you to our wonderful partners at Esplanade for inviting us to the full dressed rehearsal of The Story of Redhill before the actual opening of 华艺节 2018 – Child’s Play this weekend.

The Story of Redhill is directed and produced by the very talented theatre director 杨君伟 (whom I actually know not because I’m so artistic but because he was a famous radio and television host during my time! Haha!)

Meet the talented director 杨君伟

The Story of Redhill is an interactive and innovative theatre experience based on local folklore on how Redhill derived its name. I was initially worried that the play would be too ‘cheem’ for the boys as well, it’s all in Mandarin. But I was pleasantly surprised that they were drawn into the story right from the opening where the 3 main characters (丁丁, 对对 and 婆婆) started off on a lively note with song and dance.

The main characters certainly did a great job in engaging the audience, eliciting responses from the children and getting them involved in decision making at different points, thus making the children feel that they were part of the play (not merely watching how the story unfolds).

The highlight of the play was when the village came under attack by ferocious swordfishes that leapt out of sea and killed many soldiers. The children (aka villagers) were forced to come together and think of ideas to defend the island. The children quickly got into groups to create their own weapons and armor using everyday items (sticks, cloth, egg cartons) to battle the swordfishes.

The boys enjoyed this segment as they tried to outdo each other to create ‘better’ weapons to catch more swordfishes!

I thought that the dramatic point of the play was when blood supposedly flowed down the hill (I think that’s how RedHill derived its name) as the heroine of the play 丁丁was ordered to be killed by the jealous sultan after her plot to battle the swordfish succeeded. The kids seemed to enjoy being engulfed by the long red banner that descended upon them as they squealed with delight!

The play ended on a high note as 丁丁 turned out safe and unharmed! I was surprised when the play ended that the session took 105 minutes in all – pretty long based on children’s standard, but certainly did not felt that way as the children were fully immersed throughout.

The boys really love the play and it was a great treat for them after a stressful week in school.

I would highly recommend The Story of Redhill to parents with children between 6-11 years old. I do hope that future runs of the play (if any) could be extended to younger children below 6 as well as I do think the pre-schoolers will enjoy this educational play as well.

The Story Of Redhill is currently running from 23 Feb to 28 Feb 2018, recommended for children 6 to 11 years old. Find out more

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