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TGC Co-Founder Jaclyn, mum of  4.5 year old boy 

Thank you to our wonderful partners at Esplanade for inviting my son and I to Bunny Finds The Right Stuff.

This was our second PLAYtime! theatrical experience, the first being “Grandpa Cherry Blossoms” back in 2016.

Bunny Finds The Right Stuff – 4 Actors performing multiple roles



No Man Is An Island

There are 4 characters with diverse personalities in the show – Bunny (who needs help to hoppity hop), tutu-skirt wearing Dinosaur (so NOT your typical T-rex), Bear (who needs his security blanket) and Kangaroo (the ever so confident roo).

It is a heartwarming tale of how 4 different personalities supports one another, sharing what they have to help Bunny find the right stuff.

*Tip* I personally think we parents can use the characters in the show, to teach our kids the basics of diversity and inclusion. It’s what I am doing anyway! 

Meet the ‘Tutu’ Dino

Get on your feet, Shout and Feel 

There is no assigned seating, everyone sits on the floor or on the cute cloud foam cushions. In this casual setting, the theatrical team includes cues to get the little ones to dance and roar. A simple setup coupled with the acting and multiple scene changes, kept my little one (and the rest of the audience) thoroughly engaged and immersed in the show.

Oh Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles! 

Which child doesn’t love bubbles! And in a theatre setting?

This, has got to be my boy’s favorite moment. The show understands what kids want, and  uses such simple yet meaningful ways to give kids the opportunity to be ‘part of the production’.

Bubbles in Esplanade Theatre Studio!

Not Too Long, Not Too Short

My boy sat immersed and mesmerized throughout the entire 40 minutes. Which I felt, was the right duration for the pre-schooler. No fidgety movements, and the story was told within 40 minutes.

The Magic of Theatre

Having been to two Playtime! productions, I feel these shows are a great opportunity to introduce our children to the theatrical / musical experience in a casual environment where kids are allowed to be kids.

Acting, Music & Movement, Interactive & Sensory Fun – all boxes checked. That’s the Esplanade presents PLAYtime! experience.


PS : Post-show, I brought my boy to Pip’s Playbox where he made a Mother’s Day bracelet for me! 

About The Show

Bunny Finds The Right Stuff is an immersive theatre production designed specially for kids 2 to 6 years old. Kids meet Bunny, a floppy stuffed rabbit, who is not happy with the way she is. She tries and tries to find the right stuffing to fill herself up, but she just cannot seem to get it right. Soon, her friends  join her and they try to help her find the right stuff – but what is the right stuff?

Bunny Finds The Right Stuff is currently running from now till 18 May 2018, recommended for children 2 to 6 years old. Find out more

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