[ CODE: IT \ RACE: IT ] Holiday Workshop

AGES: 7 to 12 years

DATE: 25 June 2019

TIME: 10am to 5pm (Parents are invited to join the race at 4pm)

VENUE: Volvo Car Singapore | 249 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159935

FEES: $158 / Child Early Bird Rate – Book by 9 June (UP $168)
including lunch and tea breaks.  


🏎️  Your child will learn how to code, customize and tune their own car to perform a series of tasks with movement, light and speed, using micro:bit.

🏎️ At the end of the day, your child’s car will join the race on our very own circuit, to prove who is the fastest racer around!

🏎️  Parents are invited to join the race and cheer on their future champion.

Speed, Lights, Action!

A Programmable Remote Controlled Car 

🏁 Introduction to Annikken AndeeMobile 
🏁 Learn to code with micro:bit’s MakeCode
🏁 Programmable movements : Program your car to perform a series of tasks – Moving forward, backward and turning
🏁 Programmable lights : Spice up your car by switching on the headlights or tail lights
🏁 Customization : Create your own widget to control your car – From gauges to display speed, buttons to switch on/off lights or slider to control speed. There’s flexibility to create!
🏁 Ultimate Car Challenge (Parents are invited to join this segment)

CODE: IT \ RACE: IT is designed as a fun and imaginative experience by giving them flexibility to create, code and customize their own remote operated cars.

Our coders + racers will learn how micro:bit can perform real-life functions by customizing their vehicles for performance.

At the end of the day, our campers will race the vehicles they have worked on all day.

It’ll be an unforgettable vroooooom day for your child!

Code:IT \ RACE:IT is suitable for children 7 years and above.

Let’s [ CODE: IT \ RACE: IT ]

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Inspired by Sir Ken Robinson’s teaching, Witty Mitty was born to complement the current education system, by reigniting that spark of passion for learning which students may have lost through the routine trials of studying. Therefore, we have chosen to create modules that will motivate students to love what they learn.
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About Today Got Class Creative + Technology Holiday Camps – We believe that the future forward lies in the balance of creativity and technology and the value of complementary partnerships to enhance the learning process with tangible outcomes. In all of our camps, the 3 core and unique elements of hands-on making, programming and a challenge. Since launching our first holiday camp in 2017, we are happy that parents rated our camps positively, citing the emphasis on the ‘making’ together with applied thinking process – and most importantly, our campers always, always have fun.  We are also honored to have technology partners like Microsoft as well as reputable trainers supporting our camps.

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[ CODE: IT \ RACE: IT ] Holiday Camp is presented by Today Got Class, in partnership with Witty Mitty.

 Let’s [ CODE: IT | RACE: IT ]