[ MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT ] Holiday Camp

AGES: 7 to 12 years

DATE: 10 December to 12 December 2018

TIME: 10am to 5pm

VENUE: The Lab Katong V | 30 East Coast Rd #03-15/16 Singapore 428751

FEES: $370 / Child (Use promo code TGCHOLIDAYS to enjoy $5 off)
including lunch and tea breaks
Take home includes project files, and customized projects (Lego will be provided during class session only)  


✔️ Building and Programming Your LEGO Robot with LEGO Mindstorms 
✔️ Engineering Techniques and Mechanical Concepts
✔️ 3D Design & Prototype
✔️ Hands-On Learning
✔️ Teamwork
✔️ Knowledge Application

+ Complimentary Guided Campus  Tour of SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design). An unforgettable learning experience! 

Build, Program and Re-Engineer

Course Description

Kids who are introduced to the creative and practical aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) + Programming at an early age often find that they have a passion for this fascinating and rapidly growing industry.

Say hello to MAKE:IT \ GEAR:IT – the first-of-its-kind holiday camp that introduces Design, Engineering and Robotics concepts with hands-on making and LEGO Mindstorms. The camp ends with a teamwork challenge where every camper is given a task to integrate and apply their knowledge.

MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT also includes a complimentary guided tour of the Singapore University of Technology and Design – where campers are introduced to the real world of creativity and technology.

This camp is suitable for children 7 to 12 years old, customized to your child’s learning ability and experience.

Let’s [ MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT ]

Your Child Will Learn


Your child will learn design and prototyping concepts to understand how gears work, followed by building their very own prototype of a fully-functioning Laser Clock. Kids will also learn engineering techniques and mechanical concepts by building a pulley system. Day 1 is about hands-on making, transforming everyday materials with basic hand tools and techniques including usage of the necessary tools.

Knowledge Check : 3D design and Prototype, Mechanical Engineering, Science and Math Concepts


Explore the boundless world of robotics and engineering with LEGO Mindstorms. Your child will learn visual programming, develop structural design skills as well as program and utilize different sensors. Day 2 is about utilizing software to enhance hardware as your child will build their own Digital Clock and automate the Pulley System.

Knowledge Check : Programming and Computational Thinking concepts, Robotics and Engineering, LEGO Mindstorms



On Day 3 – your child will now get into groups for a challenge! The task is to build a prototype using LEGO Mindstorms pieces where your child will also need to apply his or her knowledge of mechanical and gears concepts learnt across the last 2 days.  This is the day where form meets function, the perfect balance of design and engineering. Teamwork, critical thinking, trouble-shooting and collaboration – reinforcing your child’s emotional intelligence.

Knowledge Check : Teamwork, Knowledge Application, Creativity and Design, Robotics and Engineering, EQ


Our MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT campers will go on a Guided Campus Tour of the Singapore University of Technology and Design – Inspiring young minds! This happens on Day 3 in the morning.
A complimentary add-on for kids attending MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT Holiday Camp! 


Let’s [ MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT ]

 About The Partners


“Curious Kits is a home-grown brand, made up of a team of professionally trained architects who used to sit at the office just staring at the computer screen day after day. What the team really wished, was to be able to make more sketches by hand and build models from paper and cardboard.

We started Curious Kits out of a desire to see children’s education and entertainment done differently. The sight of children being glued to various mobile and electronic devices made us question if this is indeed the best way for children to develop a sense of curiosity and learn about the world around them.

Through Curious Kits, we hope bring hands-on fun back into learning.”

– Hu Wen & Mei Ying (Bringing architectural learning into education) –

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“We are in the middle of an IT revolution brought about by the modern digital computer. It is nearly impossible for anyone to escape this reach. Even if you are not becoming a computer scientist or IT professional, a good overall understanding of how things work can be very advantageous, because we are IT consumers.

What The Lab brings to the table is a group of highly trained professionals, leading in their own fields. Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of individuals with many years of experience in education and technology. We are confident in providing your child an unforgettable learning journey with us.”

– Dr. Oka Kurniawan (The Lab Curriculum Specialist / Senior Lecturer for Singapore University of Technology and Design), Dr. Scarlett Mattoli (Child Psychology Specialist), Cynthia Lee (The Lab Junior Curriculum Specialist / Education Consultant), Dr. Collin Ang (Technology Industry Specialist / Managing Director of Decision Science Agency Pte Ltd), Chris Young (Entrepreneurial Specialist), Ross A. Draper (IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity Specialist) –

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Let’s [ MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT ]

About Today Got Class

“Today Got Class is the leading education platform designed for parents, by parents. Started in 2016 by 2 Singaporean mothers with children aged 5, 8 and 10 years old – Today Got Class connects parents to Quality Enrichment, Happy Events and Unique Learn + Play Experiences.

Our goal is to enable quality learning for children by providing a safe and convenient way for parents to explore quality enrichment classes, by making happy events and creating unique learning experiences where children can have fun and learn. We take pride in being accountable and connected, we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to play and learn, we aim to simplify parenthood. After all, we are parents too.

About Today Got Class Creative + Technology Holiday Camps – We believe that the future forward lies in the balance of creativity and technology and the value of complementary partnerships to enhance the learning process with tangible outcomes. In all of our camps, the 3 core and unique elements of hands-on making, programming and a challenge. In December 2017, we launched our first holiday camp – Make: IT \ Code: IT was our flagship product where kids learnt to make a car, program with micro:bit and challenge their car via various pitstop challenges. In June 2018, we ran a second iteration of MAKE:IT \ CODE: IT, launched  SPEAK: IT \ CODE: IT (Chinese + Coding camp) as well as TECH: IT \ GAME: IT (Entrepreneurship + Minecraft Coding). We are happy that parents rated our camps positively, citing the emphasis on the ‘making’ together with applied thinking process – and most importantly, our campers always, always have fun.  We are also honored to have technology partners like Microsoft as well as reputable trainers supporting our camps.”

– Lydia & Jaclyn (For Parents, By Parents) –


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[ MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT ] Holiday Camp is presented by Today Got Class, in partnership with Curious Kits and The Lab.   

Let’s [ MAKE: IT \ GEAR: IT ]