[ SPEAK: IT \ CODE: IT ] Holiday Camp (Chinese + Coding)

AGES: 7 to 12 years

DATE: 7 and 8 June 2018

TIME: 9am to 5pm

VENUE:  160 Robinson Road, SBF Center , #11-03, Singapore 068914

FEES: $260 / Child
including lunch and tea breaks
Take home includes project files, and customized projects  


✔️ Chinese Literacy and Composition
(with vocabulary related to Entrepreneurship and Business)
✔️ Public Speaking and Articulation in Mandarin
✔️ Computational Thinking with HTML and CSS programming
✔️ Creative Thinking and Decision Making
✔️ Teamwork and Hands-on Learning

Master the Languages of the Future – Chinese and Coding

Course Description

Do you want to equip your children with essential business mandarin communication and coding skills that give them a lifelong advantage?

SPEAK: IT / CODE: IT is the first-of-its-kind holiday camp combining Chinese linguistics and HTML programming.

Theme : I’m a #KIDBOSS | 我是小老板 !

Do you have what it takes to build the perfect online shop? You draw up the plans, ‘code’ the micro-site and pitch (in Mandarin) to win the coveted #KIDBOSS | #小老板 award!


  • Kids will learn the principles of entrepreneurship, business planning as well as how to market and sell your products. The camp starts with storytelling  (绘本阅读), followed by hands-on learning where children learn vocabulary related to entrepreneurship and business as well as design thinking and how to structure your business concept to appeal to the target audience. Kids will also design their own storefront and products, work on their own branding and marketing campaign, draft scripts for their pitch to win the #KIDBOSS | #小老板 award!
  • Day 1 will be conducted in Chinese.
  • Knowledge Check : Chinese Language Components (Vocabulary related to entrepreneurship and business), Creative Thinking & Decision Making, Design Thinking, Public Speaking and Confidence



假如你要开门做生意,开启自己的梦想—— 要如何经营、筹划才能让生意蒸蒸日上?又要怎么做才说服在场的观众购买你的点子和产品呢?


  • 胆大心细、开启创意思维
  • 建立自信、训练演说技巧
  • 果断决策、乐观迎接挑战

我们从图画丰富多彩的绘本释放孩子的想象力,和理解能力,通过绘本阅读及游戏导入课程的主题。 本地小孩学华文面对的大问题之一,就是口语表达,平日没有机会进行练习。绘本中有许多与孩子生活相关的词语,在绘本阅读中他们可以不断熟悉和运用这些词汇,提升表达能力。

未来的小老板们也将学会一些创业的基本概念—— 如何在心态做调试、构思点子、设定并了解顾客需求。启蒙孩子的经商头脑,从小培育创意思维!



  • Have a glimpse of the real world of computer programming as children will be taught HTML and CSS programming and typing codes to create a micro-site for their business.
  • Coding program will be conducted in English, with a bilingual micro-site.
  • Knowledge Check : Programming and Computational Thinking concepts with HTML and CSS



  • The camp concludes with our CEOs perfecting their pitch and featuring their online store to you and a team of executives, working the crowd for the highest “votes” to win the #KIDBOSS | #小老板 award. Presentation will be conducted in Chinese.
    There will be various prizes awarded – #KIDBOSS | #小老板, Best Microsite Design, Best Presenter, and more.
  • Knowledge Check : Power of persuasion, Public Speaking and presentation, Confidence building

This hands-on camp aims to make Chinese fun and technology accessible, a platform for children to demonstrate their creativity and talents through using Chinese and Coding – the languages of the future.

Let’s [ SPEAK: IT \ CODE: IT ]

 About The Trainers

Ms Chen Luning 

Ms Chen Luning is an experienced educator whom have taught in both private language centres, as well as in MOE schools. Luning strongly believes that fun should not be taken out of learning, and is strongly against force-feeding children in the learning process. She advocates democratic teaching and believes that quality communication on equal grounds will inspire children to think meaningful conversations, develop genuine interest towards the world around them and do self-initiated learning. In her free time, Luning is often seen with a book, enjoys expressing herself through writing and is keen on topics related to education and emotion management.

【导师简介】 陈露凝 Chen Luning


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Deddy believes that empowering young children with digital literacy is one of the keys to helping them succeed in the future workforce. He co-founder Kodecoon with the vision of being a catalyst for a generation of children who can be creative, progressive and yet, grounded by sound values. Deddy started teaching since Secondary 3 and grew a passion in education. Born and raised in Indonesia, educated in Singapore, he graduated from Singapore Management University and began his career at General Electric.


Here in Kodecoon, we believe a child’s programming journey resembles the process of metamorphosis where a cocoon adapts in the new environment, transforms itself before breaking through to emerge into a butterfly. Similarly, a child in this age needs to adapt to the new technological environment, transform themselves into digitally literate individuals and create breakthrough with their creations.

A cocoon undergoes the tough process of metamorphosis on its own without much intervention, just like how a child would discover and persevere through the world of technology to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Let’s [ SPEAK: IT \ CODE: IT ]

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[ SPEAK: IT \ CODE: IT ] Holiday Camp is presented by Today Got Class, in partnership with Lulele and Kodecoon.   

Let’s [ SPEAK: IT \ CODE: IT ]