[ TECH: IT \ GAME: IT ] Holiday Camp

AGES: 7 to 12 years

DATE: 18 June to 20 June 2018

TIME: 10am to 5pm

VENUE: Microsoft at 1 Marina Boulevard, #22-01

FEES: $380 / Child
including lunch and tea breaks
Take home includes project files, and customized projects (Micro:bit will be provided during class session only)  


✔️ Entrepreneurial Learning and Design Thinking
✔️ Pitch Perfect with Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft 3D Paint
✔️ Computational Thinking with micro:bit or App Inventor – Kids have the option to choose between micro:bit (Basic / Intermediate / Advanced) or create a mobile app. 
✔️ Game Design and Development with Minecraft World Builder
✔️ Hands-On Learning and Teamwork
+ Complimentary Company Visit and New World of Work Tour at Microsoft. An unforgettable learning experience! 

Empowering the Next Generation of Technopreneur or Gamepreneur

Course Description

TECH: IT / GAME: IT is the first-of-its-kind holiday camp for young aspiring global idea makers.

Explore the principles of entrepreneurship learning, ability and start-up knowledge. Take problem solving skills to the next level and push their dreams to reality with micro:bit or create a mobile app. Be a game designer and create with Minecraft World Builder. Master the pitch with Microsoft Powerpoint and take design skills to the next level with Microsoft 3D Paint.

The camp concludes with our young CEOs perfecting their pitch and featuring their products to you and a team of executives, working the crowd for the highest “investment”.

The hands-on camp aims to make technology innovation accessible and fun.

Let’s [ TECH: IT \ GAME: IT ]

Your Child Will Learn


  • Think like an entrepreneur, or be an entrepreneur.
  • Understand Business 101 on company formation, what a business is and its objective, and gain business vocabulary.
  • Learn how to bring an idea to market, budgeting skills, pitch perfect and public speaking.
  • Create interesting slide decks using Microsoft Powerpoint and all-new Microsoft 3D Paint.

✔️ Knowledge Check : Entrepreneurship mindset and skills, Goal setting, budgeting, presentation, leadership and problem solving techniques


  • Students will conduct customer interviews based on the issues identified and use the research result for designing and creating a prototype, using Micro:bit or App Inventor (create a mobile app).
  • Your child will learn what they can do on the hardware before moving on to program the hardware to solve the need.
  • Learn computational skills which are critical to brain growth as a child learns analysis, trouble-shooting and problem solving via coding designs.
  • For children who have been exposed to the Micro:bit, more advanced concepts will be taught.
  • Alternatively, your child can opt to learn to create a mobile app with App Inventor. Your child will be taught the various aspects of application programming and utilize codes to create simple applications and games for the mobile device.

✔️ Knowledge Check : Programming and Computational Thinking concepts, Continue to tinker at home with project files (Micro:bit will be provided during class session only) 


  • Learn the fundamentals of technology, design-thinking methodology and storytelling by building and modifying amazing Minecraft worlds.
  • Your kid will experience how a game designer works and thinks and create a game they can introduce their friends to play.

✔️Knowledge Check : Teamwork, Real-life contextual relevance, Problem Solving, Game Design


  • On the last day of the camp, your child will put together what they have learnt, articulate and present their ideas to you and a team of executives.

✔️ Knowledge Check : Structure and present a persuasive message, Negotiation, Knowledge Application and Presentation 


We end our holiday camp with an Office Tour and a New World of Work Tour at Microsoft
– the world’s most recognized Consumer Tech company. An unforgettable learn and play experience!

A complimentary add-on for kids attending TECH: IT \ GAME: IT Holiday Camp!

 Let’s [ TECH: IT \ GAME: IT ]

About The Trainers


Jeremy has been teaching kids for the past 8 years. First 5 years with local schools and next 3 in International schools. With a passion in improving how students actually see different subjects, he set up Witty Mitty to create modules that inspire the kids to do and learn more than what is being taught in school. He loves to make difficult subjects into easy topics for students to grasp easily.


Hayati has been working with Witty Mitty for a year and have recently graduated with a diploma in Interaction design from Nanyang Polytechnic. Having a strong passion to see kids no longer struggle in programming, she teaches in a way that is easy for all to understand. She strives to allow the kids to see that programming is not that hard, that truly everyone can code.


Creating modules that motivates your child to love what they learn.

At Witty Mitty, we aim to re-invent how our students learn by igniting their passion in the relevant subject through our innovative modules. We ensure that every one of our classes is fun and engaging for our student so that they will never find it a bore during lessons. We believe that every child has unlimited potential to excel when carefully nurtured in the right learning environment.

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 Let’s [ TECH: IT | GAME: IT ]

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[ TECH: IT \ GAME: IT ] Holiday Camp is presented by Today Got Class, in partnership with Witty Mitty.   

 Let’s [ TECH: IT | GAME: IT ]